Sep-Oct 2008

New blood pressure cuffs make BP monitoring easier, more accurate

Welch Allyn has launched a new range of FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuffs, which connect to virtually any manual or electronic blood pressure device. This universal, cost effective solution is set to revolutionise blood pressure monitoring.

For the first time, FlexiPort provides a solution by allowing users to remove and attach the tubing on the cuff with a single universal connection point. This means that FlexiPort cuffs can be used on one and two tube devices interchangeably. The end result is fewer part numbers, reduced inventories and easier ordering.

Furthermore, itís quicker and easier for nursing staff to locate the correct cuff to help ensure an accurate diagnosis.

One style cuff can now accommodate virtually any blood pressure device! The FlexiPort feature is available for both reusable and disposable cuffs.

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Smaller oxygen mask for kids

Physicians have asked for a smaller OxyKid oxygen and aerosol mask and Southmedic have delivered. The Penguin design was a huge hit with the kids so we stuck with what worked and designed the OxyTyke with a baby Penguin, says Southmedic.

The technology is the same as the OxyKid, just smaller. OxyTyke fits the smaller child approximately 8 months to 18 months of age. This newest member of the open mask system delivers 22% to 50% oxygen at flow rates below 1L/min, between .25L/min up to 3L/min.

OxyTyke O2 Mask works for both nose and mouth breathers, allows for open communication, can accommodate Naso Gastric tubing and allows for suctioning and oral care through the mask openings. The convenient swivel elbow enables you to reposition the oxygen tubing.

We couldnít just design a unique OxyTyke O2 Mask without introducing an equally unique OxyTyke Aerosol Mask. Our newest member to our Aerosol Mask family has the same directional flow design and swivel adaptor as the OxyKid so the child will receive optimal drug delivery, says Southmedic.

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Cystatin C reagent for automated chemistry analysers

Pointe Scientific is introducing a new latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay for the quantitative determination of Cystatin C in serum or plasma. Applied to automated chemistry analysers, this Cystatin C shows correlation with other commercially available Cystatin C assays, excellent precision, minimal interference and an extended assay range to 10mg/L. Unlike Creatinine measurements for estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR), Cystatin C is not dependent on age, sex, race, weight or other parameters. Cystatin C is widely reported to be a better indicator of early kidney damage and can detect more accurately and more quickly any changes in renal function.

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Leg support system reduces risk to physicians

Salitas, a British company, has launched a newly-developed powered leg suspension system which has the potential to reduce the risk of back injuries associated with manually lifting a leg in operating theatres and hospital wards.

The system mechanically lifts and supports the patientís leg; allowing the physician to safely carry out a variety of clinical procedures with reduced risk of experiencing the muscle strain often caused by repeated manual lifting.

Supporting the leg via a simple interface with the stand are two types of sling Ė the choice of which varies according to end use. The first sling is a disposable product with high strength to ensure good patient comfort. It is designed to provide support at either the thigh or the heel for specific applications such as plaster room or in theatre and is available in both sterile and non-sterile versions.

The alternative product is designed to provide full support along both the thigh and calf. It is light-weight, resistant to chlorine-based cleaning agents and has a wipe down surface.

Use of this two-part sling (which is designed for singlepatient use) may also help to increase patient recovery rate as range of movement can be maintained at the hip, hyperextension at the knee joint is avoided, and there is no increase in pressure at the back of the calf or heel.

The suspension stand is capable of working equally well as a stand alone product for use in the suspension of drips and monitors above or close to the patient and has a small foot print; allowing for flexibility of use.

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Philips launches portable ultrasound

Philips Healthcare has launched an advanced handheld ultrasound system, the Philips CX50 CompactXtreme.

The laptop-sized CX50, designed to meet the needs of cardiologists and supports adult transthoracic and transesophageal cardiology applications, combines the image quality expected of a traditional, premium, full-size system with the convenience of portability.

The CX50 CompactXtreme features Philips PureWave transducer, which improves penetration in difficult-toimage patients and reduces clutter so clinicians can view fine structures in excellent detail. It also features Philips XRES adaptive image processing for reduced speckle and haze inherent with ultrasound imaging. As a result, images are virtually free from noise and have excellent clarity and edge definition.

The portable ultrasound can be used in multiple scanning environments. Its built-in handle and battery allow users to pickup-and-go for quick responses. For added convenience, it has a cart designed specifically for the system for easy manoeuvring throughout the hospital. And a wheeled case supports easy travel to remote locations. The system features Philips intuitive user interface, iSCAN automatic optimisation and on-cart quantification software (QLAB) to maximise ease of use for clinicians.

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Ferritin reagent for automated chemistry analysers

Pointe Scientific will introduce a highly sensitive Ferritin assay for the quantitative measurement of ferritin in human serum or plasma. The measurement of ferritin is useful in assessing iron stores within human serum and in the evaluation of anemia, hemochromatosis and other chronic diseases.

Pointe Scientificís Ferritin is a latex immunoturbidimetric assay in a ready to use liquid formulation. This assay has excellent correlation with chemiluminescent methods. It has minimal to no interference from bilirubin, haemoglobin, triglyceride, ascorbic acid or rheumatoid factor.

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