Brain Death Legislation

We have a mixed bag this issue. Our lead feature tackles the much-discussed and important issue of brain-death legislation in the Islamic world, with its implications on organ donation and hospital resource management.

The legislation is particularly pertinent as the United Arab Emirates continues to grapple with the issue while transplant programmes in the Emirates remain on hold. Most of the GCC countries have already passed legislation affirming brain death as the legal definition of death. See page 34. Also in this issue we look at the growing use of musculoskeletal allograft to treat complex knee injuries in the region. More and more athletes are opting for this relatively new procedure when injuries cannot be corrected with other alternatives. See page 50.

Each year in the September-October issue we put a spotlight on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). This time we look at the major inroads that Dubai Healthcare City is making in the integration of CAM and conventional clinical medicine, and review a few select spas, in the Gulf and elsewhere, to provide a taste of what alternative treatments are available for your patients.

There are several interesting news features covering topics such as the WHO’s latest Global Status Report on Road Safety highlighting the extraordinarily high road death toll in the Middle East, which in turn puts a huge burden on local emergency services and trauma centres.

You’ll also find a fascinating article about the unprecedented ageing of the world’s population which is creating numerous new healthcare challenges – and is going to affect every one of our readers in one way or another.

And, as usual, there’s the regular news, reviews and interviews. Good reading – and good health.

Brian Wilkie

(Sep-Oct 2009)



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