AIDS 2010

AIDS and the Vienna Declaration

The Vienna Declaration, launched in the lead up to the AIDS 2010 conference, calls for an end to the “drug war” in favour of policies that recognise the human rights and medical needs of those who use illicit drugs.

It emphasises the importance of responding to AIDS with evidence-based policies and programmes as injection drug use is one of the main modes of HIV transmission in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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The official conference declaration calls for the reorientation of drug policy from the “War on Drugs” approach to an evidencebased approach that recognises the human rights and medical needs of those who use illicit drugs.

This is particularly pertinent for countries such as Iran and those in Eastern Europe where the AIDS epidemic is growing due the increasing number illicit drug users – mostly heroin addicts who share needles and have access to an abundant and cheap supply of heroin coming out of Afghanistan

The current “War on Drugs” approach has impeded efforts to prevent HIV through the use of interventions such as needle and syringe programmes and opioid substitution therapy. Access to these interventions is limited despite evidence demonstrating their effectiveness. Nobel Laureates and world leaders in science, medicine, economics, and from civil society have already endorsed the declaration, now it is your chance to do so…   

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