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AIDS 2010 - Ten million deaths, 1 million new HIV infections can be averted
The new UNAIDS Outlook 2010 report, released ahead of the recent 18th Intl. AIDS Conference in Vienna, shows that young people are leading the prevention revolution, with 15 of the most severely affected countries reporting a 25% drop in HIV prevalence among this key population.  
AIDS 2010 - No Retreat, Fund AIDS
A chaotic protest against reduced funding for HIV delayed the opening of the International AIDS Conference, where money, or the lack of it, was expected to dominate proceedings.
AIDS 2010 - Universal access to HIV prevention and care is a fundamental human right
The appalling lack of access to scientifically proven interventions for key populations at risk – including sex workers, men who have sex with men and people who use drugs...
Diabetes - Bariatric weight-loss surgery frees most obese type 2 diabetics from insulin dependence
Results of a large national study in the U.S show that nearly 3-quarters of obese patients with type 2 diabetes who undergo weight-loss surgery are able to stop insulin and other anti-diabetes drugs within 6 months.
Liquid Publishing – a new way to publish science papers
Scientific knowledge has been shared in the same way for centuries, but now a European research project is advocating replacing papers and peer reviews with a new process inspired by the social Web. 
Distraction osteogenesis – an alternative to limb amputation
Dr Michael Weber, a specialist in limb lengthening and reconstruction, has moved his practice from Germany to the UAE because of the high demand for his services in the Arab world. Callan Emery speaks to the orthopaedic surgeon about his specialty.
Ayurveda – an age-old treatment for modern lifestyle diseases
Ayurvedic medicine has been practised in India for millennia. Sonica Krishan, a doctor of Ayurveda therapy, provides an overview of Ayurveda and looks at how it can help those suffering from obesity and diabetes.
Straight talk with Gottfried Hirnschall, WHO’s new director of HIV
The UN (WHO) recently appointed Dr Gottfried Hirnschall, director of its HIV department. IRIN/PlusNews talked to him about the state of universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care, and how countries need to respond to waning donor funding for HIV programmes. 
PEPFAR flat-lines funding – an interview with Eric Goosby
The US president’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has committed about US$32 billion to the global fight against HIV since its launch in 2003, making it the largest donor for HIV/AIDS globally.
Regional Reports
Saudi Report - The work of the CEGMR
The Jeddah-based Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading genetic research and development centres.
Beyond Borders
Greece’s treatment of migrants, asylum seekers in the spotlight
Médecins Sans Frontières is urging the Greek authorities to carefully measure the impact of detention on the well-being of migrants and asylum seekers, to seek alternatives to the detention of new arrivals and to ensure that detained migrants and asylum seekers are treated in a humane and dignified manner. 
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Seeing the world with new eyes - Biosynthetic corneas restore vision in humans
A new study from researchers in Sweden and Canada has shown that biosynthetic corneas can help regenerate and repair damaged eye tissue and improve vision in humans. The results, from an early phase clinical trial with 10 patients, are published in the 25 August 2010. 

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