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HIV and drug users

The spread of HIV through the sharing of needles by injecting drug users came under the spotlight at the recent AIDS 2010 congress in Vienna, with calls for authorities to adopt a new attitude to the ‘war on drugs’ and provide drug users with appropriate medical treatments with the aim of reducing drug use. The current hard line taken against drug abuse, they say, is exacerbating the spread of HIV. This appeal is particularly pertinent for this region as the number of injecting drug users escalates in countries like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria, among others, which have easy access to and abundant supplies of inexpensive heroin coming out of Afghanistan. Read more on this in our comprehensive coverage of the AIDS 2010 congress.

In the September issue we usually focus on Complementary & Alternative Medicine – and this year guest writer Sonica Krishnan, a renowned Ayurvedic doctor, explains how age-old Ayurvedic medicine can be used to treat modern lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes. In the Saudi report we speak to Dr Adeel Chaudhary, the vice director of the Jeddah-based Center of Excellence for Genomic Medicine Research, about the groundbreaking work they are doing in seeking genetic markers for diseases prevalent in the Saudi population. See page 54.

Also in this issue, we bring you news of an experimental new way to publish science papers. Called Liquid Publishing, researcher Fabio Casati advocates that scientists use the social Web to share and evaluate science papers. Read this interesting report on page 32.

German orthopaedic physician Dr Michael Weber has moved his practice from his home country to the UAE because of the high demand in the region for his specialty – limb lengthening and reconstruction. We speak to him about his field of expertise. See page 48.

As usual, you will also find comprehensive news coverage of the latest medical research, regional and global medical developments and new medical devices entering the market.

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