Humanitarian Aid - Famine in Somalia - Millions on brink of starvation
In the worst humanitarian crisis in decades, an estimated 12.4 million people face death by starvation in the Horn of Africa.


Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine - Unique challenges for total knee replacement in the Middle East
In the Middle East there are unique demands placed on total knee replacement surgery because of cultural and religious requirements specifically the need for hyperflexion of the knee joint to enable bending for prayer. 


Health Systems - Healing the system
Are Middle East health systems prepared and ready to meet the challenge of the rapidly increasing health burden of non-communicable diseases in the future? Simon Leary, PwCs Middle East Health Industries Leader and John Middleton, PwCs Middle East Health Industries Account Manager, discuss the issue.


X-Ray - More flexibility, more mobility
Novartis, one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies, invited ME Health to its HQ in Basel, Switzerland in April for a tour of their campus to show off their recently opened state-of-the-art research laboratory and to provide a series of presentations about the company and on drug discovery. Callan Emery reports.


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