Sep-Oct 2011

Ethicon Endo-Surgery launches Advanced Energy Generator for OR

In an effort to help simplify the preparation for surgery in the operating room, Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES) has launched an Advanced Energy Generator made to power both ultrasonic and advance bipolar technologies and designed for easy set-up and use in the operating room.

The new EES Generator has several innovative features that enable the delivery of advanced energy technology and meet the need to simplify the OR including:

- One unit that powers all current and next generation ‘HARMONIC’ ultrasonic and ‘ENSEAL’ advanced bipolar devices. This includes the newly launched ‘ENSEAL’ G2 Super Jaw technology designed to offer surgeons strong, uniform compression while remaining gentle on thick tissue

- Intuitive touch screen technology display that provides user feedback

- More compact and light weight than other generators. Its portable design and optional rolling stand make it easy to move in and around the OR

- On-screen diagnostics that provide step-by-step animations, allowing the user to quickly set-up and troubleshoot

- Upgradable software feature that gives hospital access to the latest EES energy products and upgrades without the need to purchase additional capital equipment

“We listened to nurses and surgeons from around the world as we designed the new EES Generator,” said Brian Noyes, Global Product Director for the EES Generator. “This new generator is a direct result of that feedback: simplifying the OR by freeing up space, providing an intuitive user interface and troubleshooting to give the surgical team more time to focus on the patient rather than operation of the technology.”

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Berchtold manufactures spring arms for the OR

Spring arms are used to make lights, monitors, X-ray equipment or heaters appear to float weightlessly in the operating room. Berchtold, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high quality surgical equipment, is now producing these universal helpers. The 360-degree rotation of the spring arm enables devices used in the operating room to be easily moved and securely positioned.

Berchtold say that after assembly the force characteristics of each spring arm are recorded and documented in a final test. For product monitoring, during production the spring arms are subject to endurance tests far exceeding normal demands.

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International launch of assay for Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein

Randox Laboratories, the international clinical diagnostics company, has launched an automated laboratory assay for Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP), to improve the diagnosis and management of patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

This new rapid, fully quantitative assay means that H-FABP can now be used routinely in the acute clinical setting; previous laboratory assays were more suited to research.

Recent trials have shown that H-FABP provides highly significant diagnostic value, especially during the early hours following ACS symptom onset. Such results are particularly valuable in the early period when current diagnostics struggle, and many patients are conservatively admitted for observation, often unnecessarily. The use of HFABP, alongside Troponin, offers the potential to rule-out ACS in many patients from the time of presentation.

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First DataBank delivers its latest drug database in the Middle East.

First DataBank, a leading provider of drug databases and clinical decision support, delivered its first Middle East Drug File (MEDF) in September 2011. The new product is the company’s first, truly integrated drug database with clinical decision support for the Middle East and was developed in response to demand for localised drug information.

The MEDF provides up-to-date information on all registered drugs from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East. When integrated into clinical systems, clinicians will benefit from access to accurate and reliable drug information.

Comprehensive clinical decision support for all GCC and Middle East registered drugs, including drug interactions, allergies and duplicate therapy and region specific coding are key features of MEDF.

To promote the product across the region and to gain customer feedback, First DataBank’s Early Adopter Programme enables customers to take full advantage of new product developments before full release. Discounted pricing, implementation services, on-going product support and training are just some of the benefits enjoyed by those who join the programme.

- To find out more about MEDF or the Early Adopter Programme contact Mazen Sobh, Regional Sales Director on +971 5577 30456 or by email at

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Intersurgical extends its ECO range

Intersurgical has launched another product in its Eco range of low environmental-impact products.

The Adult Eco Tracheostomy mask

This new mask has 82% less impact on the environment compared to its PVC equivalent. The quick release elastic system ensures that it can be removed and refitted easily, simplifying hygiene procedures. A soft “seal” provides an improved level of comfort whilst a fully rotational 22mm connector ensures optimum orientation for the attachment of humidifier tubing, venturi valves and nebulisers.

Lowering the environmental impact

Geoff Wond, ECO range Group Product Manager explains, as part of a continual improvement process, Intersurgical aims to reduce the environmental impact of its products and processes.

“This has resulted in a long search for alternative materials to PVC to address these concerns. Being PVC-free this product is of course also phthalate free,” he said.

These now include:
- Eco Adult Oxygen mask
- Eco Adult Aerosol mask
- Eco Adult High Concentration Oxygen Mask
- Cirrus2 Adult Eco Mask Kit
- Eco Adult Venturi mask kits
- Eco Adult Tracheostomy mask

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Ultrasound brings enhancements to attack alarm technology

Accuracy, reliability and real time monitoring for staff attack alarm systems have been greatly enhanced through advanced ultrasound technology now incorporated into Static Systems Group (SSG) Fusion-IP healthcare communication system.

As with most other attack alarm systems, members of staff are issued with a discreet transmitter which is attached to a belt or other item of clothing. When an incident occurs the alarm is raised by activating the transmitter, but this is where the similarity with other systems ends.

SSG’s new real time location (RTLS) system, which can be provided as standalone or as part of a nurse call system, is just one application of the company’s advanced Fusion-IP range. It displays a higher level of room accuracy and staff member location and is more robust than many other technologies.

Unlike infra-red signaling, traditionally used in many systems ultrasound is immune to interference from light sources such as the sun and also electromagnetic “noise”. Ultrasound signals simply bounce off hard surfaces such as walls, floors or ceilings, and will not penetrate glazed walls and partitions, making the identification of rooms and staff positions more accurate and reliable.

The powerful Fusion-IP logic software provided with the SSG system analyses the last known location of the ultrasound signal and once activated by a user in the event of an attack if they should move from the original alarm location, the system tracks them in ‘real time’.

Ultrasound transmitters are ‘addressable’ enabling individual identification of staff members, and they also incorporate a programmable function button which can be used for site specific functions such as door entry.

Static Systems’ Chief Engineer, Richard Tew comments: “We are very excited by the use of this technology as it offers potential for future development way beyond the boundaries of current thinking.

“The technology behind Fusion-IP makes the system suitable for other applications including: wireless patient-to-nurse call, wandering patient, safe hands, slips, trips and falls monitoring, asset security and door access control.

“In addition, the technology can be used to provide ‘staff presence’ as a fully integrated part of the nurse call system, and other facilities from the Fusion-IP product range can be incorporated including ‘follow-the-light’, and VoIP communication,” explained Tew.

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