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SickKids produces app or neonatologists

A first-of-its-kind mobile application – TnECHO – is giving neonatologists quick and reliable guidance when undertaking cardiac assessments on newborns.

Developers Dr Patrick McNamara from The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and Dr Afif EL-Khuffash, from Mount Sinai Hospital describe the application as a portable reference guide. It’s designed for staff and trainee neonatologists who are performing Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography (TnECHO) – ultrasound on the hearts of newborns that aid in clinical diagnosis.

TnECHO provides real-time information on the performance and function of the cardiovascular system and provides more insight than clinical signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure that neonatologists have traditionally relied on.

McNamara and El-Khuffash noticed a need for a more portable reference guide while working in their own practice. “We were relying on heavy and expensive reference books and CD-ROMs to help us perform echocardiography because those were the only thing available,” says ELKhuffash. “It didn’t allow for easy point-ofcare assessments. We needed something mobile, but comprehensive.”

They stress that the app is to be used in conjunction with formal echocardiography training. “With the app, neonatologists can quickly reference the steps to obtain the right ultrasound images and information to guide them in their cardiac assessment,” says McNamara.

The TnECHO app will also allow neonatologists to easily keep up to date with the latest echocardiography practices by downloading updates directly to their mobile device and is freely available at iTunes.

The echocardiography training and clinical guidelines which the TnECHO app is based on were developed by Dr Luc Mertens, a cardiologist at SickKids, with McNamara and other international experts within the field. A plan is underway to expand the application to help aid in other newborn assessments.

- TnECHO - Free

MediRounds for iPad

Medical rounding is a laborintensive process filled with pesky, hand-written notes and piles of paper. Until now, physicians have lacked an easy way to organise and track patient information. MediRounds for iPad streamlines medical rounding and saves clinicians’ time.

With an easy-to-navigate interface, MediRounds enables fast input and quick scanning of patient information. Functionality includes: “to do” lists, AirPrint, and trending (e.g. vital sign trends, lab value trends). MediRounds is compliant with HIPAA regulations and encryption guidelines. The app is 100% functional even in the absence of internet access.

MediRounds is an ideal tool for any clinician caring for patients in a hospital-based setting. Also great for new residents, MediRounds has built-in tutorials to help them navigate the medical rounding process.

MediRounds is available for the iPad (with soon-to-be-released iPhone and iPod versions). US$29.99.

AirStrip enables remote patient monitoring

AirStrip is a robust remote patient monitoring solution for clinicians. AirStrip connects you to your patients anywhere you have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. No matter where you are, AirStrip can greatly reduce and even eliminate time delay in the clinical assessment and treatment of patients.

In order to use AirStrip, your healthcare facility must have purchased and installed AirStrip.

AirStrip is an FDA-cleared platform which allows patient information – including waveforms and other critical data from EMRs, bedside monitors and devices, pharmacy, lab, and other clinical information systems – to be securely and natively accessed by physicians and nurses on their smart phones or tablets anytime and anywhere.

- AirStrip OB - mobilises maternal/fetal waveforms (CTGs), annotations, exam status, medications, lab values, logistical information, and progress notes to improve communication during labour and delivery

- AirStrip CARDIOLOGY - digitises and mobilises 12- and 15- lead waveforms and measurements to support enhanced analytics, easier visual interpretation, and serial presentation of current and historic tracings

- AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING - enterprise-wide solution delivers waveforms (cardiac, SPO2, ventilator, arterial line, etc.), vital signs, medications, I&O, lab results, allergy lists, and EMR data for patients in areas such as ICU, CCU, PACU, OR, ED, Telemetry, etc.

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