Patient Relations - The Intentional Patient
Many healthcare systems invest considerably in providing their patients not only the best health outcomes but also the highest levels of customer service. 
Healthcare Economics - Circumstances that shaped early US healthcare
This is the third article in the series by Arby Khan – The Importance of Determining ‘Value’ in Healthcare – and will continue to describe the historical forces that shaped the beginning of healthcare in the US (1850-1930).
Complementary & Alternative Medicine - Hypno Gastric Banding
For many years hypnotherapy has been used to help people quit smoking, but nothing quite compares to the recent flurry of excitement about its effectiveness as a weight-loss tool, especially with the new treatment referred to as Hypno Gastric Banding. 

Healthcare Economics - Circumstances that shaped early US healthcare
Summary of Part 1 – 1850-1930 was the time period when medicine was accepted as a bona fide field, writes Arby Khan, because physicians could actually help a patient in need.

Quality Control - ‘Benchmarking’ is crucial to developing high performing, sustainable healthcare systems
High performing hospitals, primary care clinics, rehabilitation centres, regulators, pharmaceutical suppliers and health ministry’s constantly ask themselves: How well are we performing?
  Healthcare IT - Bytes not Books
Global initiatives from government and industry are driving a revolution in healthcare quality and safety. Healthcare providers are looking to clinicians and health information managers to develop the systems and processes needed to support their patient safety and care quality aims. 

 Date of upload: 26th Sep 2012
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