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Weight-loss with hypnosis

The September-October issue is traditionally our Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) issue and this year we look at the fascinating subject of hypno gastric banding. This new hypnotherapy has been causing much excitement in the field of CAM because of its success as a non-surgical weight-loss treatment. The ever-rising obesity rates in the Middle East – among the highest in the world – are an ongoing concern, so anything that can help reduce weight without extreme and costly measures is worth studying. Read about it on page 60. At Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha, researchers are studying a novel treatment for muscle injuries using platelet-rich plasma. Dr JL Tol, who is conducting the research, writes exclusively for Middle East Health about this innovative therapy. Find his report on page 54.

Germany has had a long and generally excellent relationship with the Arab world and continues to be a key supplier of hi-tech medical equipment and devices. In this issue we look at the medical export business in Germany and find out why it continues to be so successful. ‘The Export Genius’ is on page 36.

A number of important and far-reaching healthcare-related events have taken place around the world recently, including the inaugural Global Health Policy Summit in London and the biennial International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. The GHP Summit was billed as the most high-powered meeting on the subject of health policy ever assembled, aiming to draw up an action plan to confront the key challenges currently facing healthcare worldwide. Middle East Health reports on this event on page 35. And at the AIDS 2012 conference, delegates came away with the sense that for the first time we appear to be in a position to beat this terrible epidemic. Some of the key discussions at the weeklong event are covered on page 26.

Also in the news – as we go to press the uprising continues in Syria, and there are reports of the Syrian Air Force firing missiles at a hospital in Aleppo. A doctor at the hospital describes the scene. Staying with Syria, the WHO has issued a statement calling on the international community to assist Syria’s neighbours with healthcare as refugees flood across most of the country’s borders. You’ll find this news and other regional and global news reports in the pages of this comprehensive issue of Middle East Health.

Brian Wilkie

(Sep-Oct 2012)



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