Sep-Oct 2012

Take data anywhere in hospital with lockable laptop

Mobile carts have become commonplace throughout hospitals and workplaces, from admissions and operating rooms to patient rooms. AFC Industries’ newest entry is an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable Laptop Cart that delivers point-of-care technology improving workflow, increasing accuracy and providing wherever and whenever access to data.

The healthcare industry faces challenges related to costly medical errors and staff restraints that result in inefficient use of hospital resources and deficient patient care. The current practice of manually collecting and organizing patient data is labor-intensive and error-prone, causing unnecessary delays and potential medical errors that severely impact patient safety and efficiency. In addition, staffing issues reduce direct time spent with patients and further limit the amount of reliable vital sign data necessary to deliver quality care. Clinicians are faced daily with patient care decisions and need all Electronic Medical Record (EMR) information at their fingertips – in real time and easy to use.

Utilizing a small footprint, this unit has many features found only in larger more expensive models: Integrated handles in the front and sides for ease of maneuverability; Pneumatic sit to stand height adjustment; Secure lockable Laptop Platform; Retractable keyboard tray with left or right mouse tray; Storage bins, a wire basket, a power strip with a hospital grade plug and more.

These units are ideally suited for the medical industry and “clean rooms” as the major contact surfaces are made of antimicrobial materials with smooth contoured surfaces which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

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AFC Industries wall mount offers maximum flexibility

AFC Industries’ wall mount AFC7810_12 has been designed to offer maximum flexibility when applications require access to data records where space is limited. The mounts are suitable for numerous applications like data entry, EMR, e-MAR & CPOE. The height adjustable mounts accommodate most operators, in sit-to-stand positions, and can be locked in any height you chose. A full range of swivel motion at each joint comfortably accommodates different positions and applications, such as sharing information with patients and other professionals in close proximity. This space-saving solution is also ideal for areas where multiple operators use a single computer workstation.

The wall mount AFC7808_12 can be considered as a height adjustable workstation and is ideal for a wide range of medical, industrial and educational applications. When not in use, the monitor and keyboard can compact down to a depth of as little as 20 centimetres. Additional key features and benefits are:

- Lightweight aluminium construction for easy operation; the entire mount is powder coated in anti-microbial paint for thorough disinfection and safe use throughout medical facilities

- 104cm of horizontal extension from the wall with the supplemental 30cm extension arm

- A height locking mechanism at any position for safety, stability and varying loads

- VESA 75/100 compliant monitor bracket with horizontal and vertical tilt and a 25cm range of height adjustment

- Integrated wire management through the arms

- Monitor bracket can support up to 9kg (different brackets are available for monitor weight above 9kg.)

- The LCD pivots 270° and tilts 70° for optimum viewing and glare reduction

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First Databank gets prestigious NICE accreditation

First Databank (FDB) is unique amongst its competitors as it is the first Clinical Decision Support provider to successfully achieve the prestigious NHS Evidence National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) accreditation.

What does it mean?

It means that FDB’s processes have been scrutinised against NICE’s high standards for information production. This recognises that FDB have proven high standards in areas such as clinical authoring, stakeholder involvement and editorial independence.

Was it easy to get?

No, a series of stringent criteria were used to assess the standard of Drug Knowledge production. The results were independently reviewed by the Accreditation Advisory Committee who in turn submit a recommendation for accreditation to the NICE Executive.

Why have the accreditation?

FDB are committed to transforming drug knowledge into actionable, targeted and effective solutions that improve patient safety and healthcare outcomes.

The accreditation gives assurance that the processes used by FDB are robust and adhere to NICE standards. Clinicians can have confidence that information provided by us has been collected in a consistent and safe manner from approved sources. The accreditation encourages industry wide improvement in the quality of information available within clinical decision support systems.

For more information about the accreditation visit the NHS Evidence website:

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Siemens starts shipping new portable ultrasound device – Acuson P300

Siemens Healthcare expands its ultrasound portfolio with the introduction of the Acuson P300 ultrasound system, a compact portable device for a wide variety of clinical settings. The new system integrates high-performance hardware and software and offers 13 multi- frequency transducers for high clinical versatility. The system also features advanced image optimization technologies to support both routine and specialty application needs.

Siemens started shipping the product in July.

The portable Acuson P300 ultrasound system is designed to meet the diverse imaging needs for a wide spectrum of patients, body types and clinical disciplines – from radiology and general imaging to cardiovascular imaging, from obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) to specialty imaging including muscoloskeletal, breast and small parts. It encompasses advanced ultrasound technology and excellent imaging performance in one portable package.

The Acuson P300 system includes advanced image optimization tools such as panoramic imaging, speckle reduction and spatial compounding, which optimize the imaging data automatically, thus improving diagnostic confidence and supporting efficient clinical workflow.

The system comes with 13 transducers, including specialty laparoscopic and intra-operative probes for interventional procedures. With a frequency range of up to 18 MHz, these multifrequency transducers allow a selection of several imaging frequencies to meet different scan depth requirements without having to change transducers. The system enables linear, convex, phased array and endocavity transducers to provide scanning solutions for a wide range of clinical cases.

The Acuson P300 system features a small footprint that makes it easy to store and move from room to room. It has a 15-inch XVGA LCD display, integrated power supply and two transducer ports for maximum ease of use.

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