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World-class clinical guidelines from MCG: On the cutting edge of evidence-based medicine for more than two decades

MCG, formerly Milliman Care Guidelines and now part of the Hearst Health network, has been helping providers and payors drive effective care with evidencebased clinical guidelines and interactive solutions for more than 20 years. By the latest count, more than 2,200 organizations license MCG, including 1,200 hospitals and 8 of the 10 largest health plans in the United States. Updated annually by an experienced team of clinicians, the guidelines currently support the care management of a majority of Americans.

Evidence-based guidelines from MCG span the continuum of care, supporting clinical decisions and care planning, easing transitions between care settings, and facilitating conversations between providers and payors. Effective care entails optimal patient outcomes and lower costs. For MCG, this means developing the most thoroughly researched and up-to-date clinical criteria in the world, with a particular emphasis on key problems in care provision: admissions decisions, level of care, length of stay, care planning, complex and chronic care, and readmissions.

Transparent, comprehensive, and actionable evidence where it’s needed

Care guidelines from MCG support clinical decisions by providing immediate access to the most complete, thoroughly reviewed clinical evidence in the industry – either online or through one of MCG’s interactive software solutions. Inpatient guidelines include contextual references and footnotes, annotated bibliographies, evidence grades of key sources, and a list of supporting references and abstracts pertinent to the given diagnosis.

MCG’s team of clinical editors thoroughly reviews the vast body of international medical literature published each year and incorporates the most relevant findings into the care guidelines. For the most recent edition, the editors reviewed and ranked 118,982 new references. The latest guidelines cite a total of 25,789 references, about a quarter of which are new.

MCG’s inpatient guidelines are designed to guide care toward optimal recovery using disease- and procedure-specific best practices and length of stay benchmarks. MCG offers the most thorough coverage of acute inpatient conditions and procedures on the market – 292 guidelines in all, including 238 adult and 54 pediatric.

MCG also offers 29 distinct General Recovery Care guidelines to support the care management of complex cases or when no acute care guideline seems applicable. General Recovery Guidelines are organized by problem area and body system and feature benchmark patient care and recovery data.

Evidence-based interactive solutions drive quality and consistency of care while reducing costs of its delivery

MCG makes its evidence-based care guidelines available through both a passwordprotected website and its interactive solutions, which include an additional layer of powerful medical management capabilities. CareWebQI, licensed by both hospitals and health plans, and Indicia for Case Management, designed primarily for hospital case managers, offer similar capabilities:

- Immediate access to the care guidelines, including thorough bibliographies of supporting evidence

- Ability to review individual patient cases against the latest evidence and electronically document the medical necessity of clinical decisions

- Tools for building care plans, identifying appropriate levels of care, optimizing length of stay, planning discharges, and reducing readmission risk

- Case-load management features that enhance workflow efficiencies and improve productivity

- Standardized reports to help organizations review and address patterns of avoidable variances from optimal care pathways

Both providers and payors have realized remarkable improvements using MCG’s interactive solutions. San Diego-based Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers increased its rate of patient engagement in its disease management program from 28% to 67%. Higher patient engagement reduced both unnecessary hospitalizations and 30-day readmissions.

Taking a similar approach in its emergency department (ED), Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Illinois leveraged MCG’s guidelines and CareWebQI to decrease preventable hospital readmissions with individualized care planning. The hospital’s efforts reduced its acute care readmission rate from 12.4% in Q1 2011 to 7.5% in Q1 2013, an impressive decline of 40%. Over two years, Advocate Good Shepherd estimates that it saved $2.3 million by reducing 30-day readmissions and another $2.6 million from curbing overutilization of the ED.

Automated Prior Authorization improves UM efficiencies, reduces delays, and increases patient and physician satisfaction

Phone and fax-based prior authorization can reduce over-utilization of specialty referrals and high-cost interventions, such as genetic medicine, advanced imaging, and durable medical equipment. However, such programs often add administrative burdens, introducing delays and frustrating everyone involved.

Cite AutoAuth Module, MCG’s automated prior authorization solution, offers evidence-based utilization decisions combined with self-service simplicity. Authorizations that once took hours or days are often made in seconds. With MCG’s industry standard guidelines built in, Cite AutoAuth Module helps payors respond instantly to routine authorization requests while maintaining decision quality. This ensures the appropriate and timely utilization of resources, improves the productivity of payor staff, and increases the satisfaction of patients and physicians.

A study published in the September 2013 edition of the Journal of Managed Care Medicine suggested that Cite AutoAuth Module can reduce overutilization of advanced imaging services by 39%. ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc. (AHS), an Indianabased health plan, performed the research as part of a larger study that evaluated the impact of physician engagement on accountable care.

- For more information: Mazen Sobh, Regional Commercial Director,

RTI Introduces the Black Piranha Simply Plug n Play


The new RTI Black Piranha brings a quickness and power to your X-ray QA work flow. The Black Piranha includes what you would expect in a multifunction meter. Connection to various accessories, tablet and PC is automatic – just plug n play. The Quick Check feature identifies the probes you insert and selects the optimum Piranha settings for your measurements. You can even easily program your own default start-up screen.

The Black Piranha can measure on Rad, Fluoro, Dent, Mammo, and CT. The Black Piranha is complimented by the Ocean 2014 software which makes your workflow more intuitive and work will move quickly. Ocean 2014 can perform instant real-time analysis during your measurements. Ocean also prepares a report in the background as you go. So when the work is done, if you want a complete report of your work – just press print!

Use your tablet/laptop as both an interactive display during the measurements and as a powerful analysis tool when you are back at the office. No unnecessary, time-consuming data-transfer at the end of the day. Measurements and data are stored – allowing for analysis, trending and printed reports – even months after you have completed your measurements.

Ocean 2014 also features Quick Check mode. This Ocean 2014 feature provides a quick and easy way to start your measurements. Simple and accurate measurements along with data and waveforms are instantly displayed. Templates are provided. Just power- up and go. Whether you use a Windows tablet (Windows 8 Pro tablet) or laptop, this will be an indispensable QA tool.

Philips Healthcare’s innovative DR solutions

Philips Healthcare is a global player with a full portfolio of digital radiography solutions. Well known as a vendor for premium DR rooms and mobile units, Philips has expanded the portfolio to provide more tailored solutions for each clinical setting and budget. More than 20 years DR experience builds the foundation of innovative DR solutions that can enhance access to care in different ways:

MobileDiagnost wDR turns Philips leadership in DR into clinical leadership for you, with premium solutions for quality images. Equipped with Philips SkyPlate detectors, it helps ensure a rapid, effective response by letting you deliver DR where you need it, when you need it. SkyFlow technology will, for images acquired in certain clinical situations, increase the contrast of image details without using an anti-scatter grid.

DigitalDiagnost is setting the standard in high-end digital radiography, from exceptional performance rooms to a cutting edge emergency setup. It offers SkyPlate detectors, Philips extremely lightweight wireless portable detectors, allowing for enhanced economic value when used in trays instead of a fixed detector.

DuraDiagnost expands access to healthcare around the world, with room solutions delivering cost-effective digital radiography and efficient DR workflow. Philips new Sky- Plate can be used in the DuraDiagnost trays of the vertical stand and the X-ray table as well as outside the trays.

PrimaryDiagnost DR makes it even easier to enter the digital world. Offering a single tethered detector, it is an affordable way to extend clinical capacity and offering imaging services based on Philips technology. ProGrade converts analog BuckyDiagnost rooms to full Philips digital without the hassle and expense of a geometry replacement. One in high-end digital radiography, from exceptional performance rooms to a cutting edge emergency setup. It offers SkyPlate detectors, Philips extremely lightweight wireless portable detectors, allowing for enhanced economic value when used in trays instead of a fixed detector.

DuraDiagnost expands access to healthcare around the world, with room solutions delivering cost-effective digital radiography and efficient DR workflow. Philips new Sky- Plate can be used in the DuraDiagnost trays of the vertical stand and the X-ray table as well as outside the trays. PrimaryDiagnost DR makes it even easier to enter the digital world. Offering a single tethered detector, it is an affordable way to extend clinical capacity and offering imaging services based on Philips technology. ProGrade converts analog BuckyDiagnost rooms to full Philips digital without the hassle and expense of a geometry replacement. One day is all it takes to switch to premium digital imaging, enhanced digital productivity and high patient throughput.

Philips continues to bring meaningful innovations by incorporating the insights you provide in products and solutions.


Turkey, the rising star of health tourism

A world brand in health care: ACIBADEM

Turkey, which has increased the number of tourists visiting thanks to its cultural and natural heritage, is also a center of attraction in health tourism. Especially with the investments made in the health sector, Turkey has become the shining star around the world. Today, Turkey is preferred by many countries when it comes to health care. Fully equipped hospitals in Turkey, offer a high standard of service by means of internationally experienced experts and advanced medical equipment. Being among the leading health care institutions in Turkey, Acıbadem steps forward as a world brand with its featured medical services.

Most valued private healthcare services provider in Turkey since 1991

Acıbadem provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services by employing the highest calibre health care professionals, state-of-the-art medical technology, robust infrastructure and JCI* accredited medical standards. Acıbadem operates 17 full-service general hospitals and 13 outpatient clinics.

A Reference Center for many complex treatments that require advanced technology and experience

The 7 Cancer (surgery, radiotherapy/radiosurgery, chemotherapy), 12 Heartcare (pediatric and adult), 9 Fertility (IVF), 5 Transplant (liver, kidney, bone-marrow), 4 Spine and Joints, 1 Sports Medicine, 8 Nuclear Medicine and 5 Robotic Surgery centers of Acıbadem are all nationally and internationally reknowned reference centers serving with their latest technology assets and highly regarded physicians. World’s second largest healthcare chain Acıbadem is a part of a larger global network known as International Healthcare Holdings (IHH). IHH, is a joint investment of the Malaysian Khazanah, Japanese Mitsui and Turkish Aydinlar Family. It operates a wide network of hospitals and clinics in Malaysia, Singapore, India, China and Brunei, under the Parkway, Pantai and Apollo brands, and also runs IMU, the International Medical University of Malaysia. Since July 2012, IHH is jointly listed on the Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Stock Exchanges and is, globally, the second largest healthcare company by its market capitalisation.

An integrated healthcare services network offering services beyond hospitals

Acıbadem Project Management designs, constructs and equips turn-key hospital projects in Turkey and abroad. Acıbadem Insurance provides health and life insurance and TPA** services. Acıbadem Mobile provides healthcare services on the road, at home, in the office, at remote industrial sites as well as conventional emergency evacuation, ambulance and tele-medicine services. A-Plus provides facility management services such as catering, laundry and cleaning to hospitals of all sizes. Acıbadem Labs provides the largest spectrum of laboratory services including genetics, pathology, stem cell, and cord-blood banking. Finally, Acıbadem University is dedicated to enriching the Group’s medical sector expertise through the training and education of future generations of health care professionals, with its medical faculty, nursing and administrative schools.

Services for Overseas Patients

The International Patient Services Center at Acıbadem Hospitals Group offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients and visitors. Acıbadem International Patient Services Center, designed as a “one-stop” service center, offers healthcare services from the day of your request until the time you return to your home country. It is the initial point of contact for acquiring medical information, orientation and registration.

The rapidly growing team of International Patient Services comprised of patient service specialists and physicians. This team of dedicated professionals organizes the “Healthcare Journey” of international patients according to their needs and expectations. We can help you with the following services before, during and after your stay: l Scheduling medical appointments l Assisting with international insurance companies l Making hotel arrangements l Arranging ground transportation from the airport l Estimating the cost of services l Assisting with hospital admissions and physicians l Assisting with interpretation services in your native language l Ensuring that you understand the instructions from physicians l Obtaining and delivering the copies of medical reports after consultations l Assisting with the discharge and payment procedures l Facilitating communication with the physicians of Acıbadem Hospitals Group after your departure

Contact Acibadem: Web: Mail: Phone: +90 216 544 4664 

CHI St. Luke’s Health

Bold new alliance among Houston’s leading healthcare providers to transform healthcare delivery in Texas and the United States

Three of the Houston’s leading medical institutions – Baylor College of Medicine, CHI St. Luke’s Health and Texas Heart® Institute (THI) – have significantly expanded and enhanced their long-standing educational, clinical and research affiliations in conjunction with Englewood, Colorado-based Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), which CHI St. Luke’s Health is now a member.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, now the newly named CHI St. Luke’s Health, which includes six hospitals, outpatient clinics and emergency centers throughout Greater Houston, joined Catholic Health Initiatives in 2013.

Catholic Health Initiatives, formed in 1996, operates in 18 states and includes 89 hospitals; including four academic medical centers; 23 critical-access facilities; community health services organizations; accredited nursing colleges; home-health agencies; and other facilities that span the inpatient and outpatient continuum of care.

Throughout the United States, CHI serves more than four million people each year through acute care hospital; long-term care, assisted- and residential-living facilities, community-based health services; home care research and development and reference laboratory services. “These agreements will bring to bear new capabilities and resources in an alliance that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the region,” said Kevin E. Lofton, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Health Initiatives.

“This is a clinical, educational and research-focused enterprise that we think will be capable of creating miracles.” CHI St. Luke’s Health and Baylor signed a joint-venture agreement to open a new, acute care, open-staff hospital on Baylor’s McNair Campus in the Texas Medical Center, which is currently home to two outpatient facilities owned by the college – the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center, and the Lee and Joe Jamail Specialty Care Center.

Baylor and CHI St. Luke’s Health will jointly operate the new hospital. Wayne Keathley, former President of the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center and Health Network, now serves as president of CHI St. Luke’s Health Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

The joint-venture acute care hospital, which is part of CHI St. Luke’s Health, named CHI St. Luke’s Health Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center will eventually replace the existing, 850-bed St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Texas Medical Center. The first phase of the project – a 250-bed inpatient facility – is expected to open by spring 2015. The second phase, adding up to 400 additional acute care beds, is expected to be completed in 2018.

“This is a relationship unique in academic medicine. We will be in this together, with joint governance, sharing the rewards and the risks,” said Paul Klotman, MD, Baylor President and CEO, Baylor College of Medicine.

“It is a novel approach to create an alignment that brings in the most costeffective, high quality care.” CHI also has established a new, strengthened affiliation with Texas Heart Institute that calls for a significant, 10-year investment in the renowned institution to expand education and research into cardiovascular diseases. James T. Willerson, MD, Texas Heart Institute President, which was created by THI Founder and President Emeritus Denton A. Cooley, MD, said: “Our mission is to prevent cardiovascular disease, and these affiliations will help the kind of life-changing advancements THI has pioneered for more than 50 years come even more rapidly.” The affiliation agreement with THI represents a dramatic expansion of CHI St. Luke’s historic research affiliation with THI, which has been ranked for 23 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s top 10 for cardiology and heart surgery, and is one of the world’s most renowned centers for education and research of cardiovascular diseases.

CHI will work in concert with THI in its mission of reducing the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease. In addition to working closely with CHI’s Institute for Research and Innovation to help further that broad mission, CHI St. Luke’s Health, Baylor, and THI will work to develop a stateof- the-art cardiovascular program that will be capable of transforming cardiovascular medicine through leadership in areas such as regenerative medicine and the development of next-generation medical devices.

“This is a wonderful fit, a perfect collaboration for all of our organizations,” said Lofton. “We share a common vision of clinical and operational excellence and innovation and a firm commitment to lead the way in an entirely new healthcare environment that focuses on value-driven, high-quality care.”

For more information contact St Luke’s International Patient Center, at or call +1- 832-355-3350 or visit StLukesInternational. com Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA

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