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Discover how to control stuttering and start speaking smoothly with SpeechEasy

SpeechEasy is a fluency-enhancing device that fits in or behind the ear inconspicuously and can help people who stutter to speak fluently. SpeechEasy devices emulate a natural phenomenon known as the “choral effect” which occurs when a person’s stutter is dramatically reduced or even eliminated while speaking or singing in unison with others. This effect has been well documented for decades and now has been successfully recreated in small, virtually undetectable devices that can be worn every day.

The Technology is the difference

SpeechEasy combines Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF), which create a slight delay and change in pitch to digitally produce the choral effect. The devices are the perfect synthesis of both miniaturized hardware and cutting edge digital technology designed to provide clients greater fluency enhancing performance. Each device is custom fit to the client’s ear to provide greater listening comfort.

What SpeechEasy clients say?

“As a speech pathologist who stutters, I am in a unique position to assess SpeechEasy’s life-changing effects. For more than 20 years, I used conventional forms of fluency therapy to help control my speech, but for a variety of reasons, the effectiveness of such therapy began to diminish over the past couple of years.

“When I first heard about SpeechEasy device I was so impressed that I flew to Greenville, North Carolina to learn firsthand from the inventors how the device works. Within a few seconds of having the device in my ear, my fluency surged. I was speaking fluently without having to monitor my speech. If I experienced a block, I would momentarily hold the sound, and SpeechEasy’s acoustic inhibition would kick in to enable me to release the word,” says - Cliff G., M.S., CCC-SLP, ASHA Recognized Fluency Specialist

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One-hour charging – TIMESCO introduces revolutionary Lithium Ion rechargers and batteries

Timesco have introduced a new concept in recharging laryngoscopes and diagnostic handles – super-fast one-hour charging!

The Timesco Ion R chargers are modular and have been designed as single chargers which can be added to with as many additional chargers as required. This enables cost saving advantages as multiple additional rechargers can be purchased only as required.

Timesco Ion R batteries are designed to power both 2.5v Xenon and 3.5v LED small AA and medium C handles and are guaranteed for a minimum of 1,000 cycles or 7 years of use; best of all, with the one-hour charging time, overnight charging times are eliminated.

The Ion R batteries have been designed to be directly charged in the Ion R rechargers, this eliminates any contamination and cross infection issues with laryngoscopes as in the older rechargeable systems.

Timesco existing laryngoscopes and diagnostic ranges: reusable Orion, Optima Xenon and LED and Single Use Skins handles can all be charged with the new Ion R chargers and Ion R batteries. The Timesco R rechargers are CE and ISO approved, multi voltage and are supplied complete with mains adaptors for worldwide use.

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Introducing Baggins the Bear collection – to ease the experience of a hospital stay

For most children and their families, the thought of having a general anaesthetic can be quite frightening. To ease the experience of a hospital stay, Intersurgical has introduced a number of paediatric products with a picture of their new friendly character, Baggins the Bear to assist in distracting and relaxing a child undergoing anaesthesia.

Intersurgical have also developed a Baggins the Bear collection:

- An activity booklet telling Baggins’ story as he undergoes a general anaesthetic, which includes colouring and activity sections
- A large poster to play Spot the Baggins
- A bravery certificate

All the helpful tools can be downloaded from Intersurgical’s dedicated landing page or you can contact the company directly for further information:

Vernacare launches VernaFem female urinal for Middle East hospitals

Vernacare has introduced an innovative single-use product designed specifically to meet the toileting needs of female patients. The new VernaFem female urinal bottle has been developed with healthcare specialists and evaluated extensively by patients and healthcare staff keen for alternatives to existing healthcare toileting options.

The ergonomic design promotes selftoileting, preserving patient dignity and empowering patients to toilet themselves with little or no assistance from healthcare staff. This is an extremely important factor to preserve patient dignity.

“The VernaFem design addresses the unique challenges that women face when being toileted in bed, and the product has been designed to work with the mattress to distribute weight more evenly, forming to the user’s body, increasing confidence and minimizing the risk of spillage during use” said James Hardie, Regional Manager.

Vernacare has developed educational support materials to promote best practice, including complimentary ‘Instructions for Use’ posters and a training video, available to all customers upon request. These materials provide guidance in regards to product positioning, usage and disposal, helping to make sure staff are fully trained; increasing compliance and ensuring new products are easily adopted within hospitals.

The unique patented design makes use of a wider base and curved lip at the front, providing increased capacity and minimizing spillage during use and removal. “We developed the product based on customer feedback that the biggest risk of spillage was during removal, when the product would be tilted” added Jane Kent, Market Research Manager. “This design overcomes that issue and provides women with a genuine alternative, which is fully disposable.”

The new product comes at a time when healthcare organizations across the region are looking to implement interventions quickly to help prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HCAI). l For more information or to arrange a free trial, contact James Hardie UAE Tel: +971 505570301

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