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Solar-powered lights designed for emergencies

The World Bank has announced that it will invest over US$5.5 billion in the Middle East and Africa on solar energy projects, while $50 billion will be invested in the Middle East Solar industry.

Saudi Arabia is on the brink of becoming a solar energy exporter and is building its first solar powered desalination plant, while Qatar is in discussion with investors to create a major solar power project. All in all, the region is poised on the brink of a ‘new age’ of solar energy, with distinct growth and interest in this field.

As many of you who regularly read this column will know, Durbin has a division which can respond to the healthcare needs of humanitarian projects, by supplying equipment and medicine to charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

One of the key features of humanitarian disasters, is that often vitally important work needs to be carried out at night, when electricity may be down. These ‘off grid’ situations are where solar powered lights can really come into their own, which is one of the reasons that Durbin has teamed up with a company who supplies unique forms of solar powered lights. Luci inflatable solar lights are completely sustainable and were invented in 2012 by an inspiring team, who have first-hand knowledge of disaster relief efforts and who wanted to help stamp out the problem of ‘energy poverty’ for the world’s most needy. Luci Lights are small, easy to transport and can be utilised during emergencies. An example would be helping users to light up medical facilities for those undergoing medical treatment with safe, reliable and non-polluting light.

MPOWERD, the company behind Luci lights, was established in 2010 by its founders who wanted to empower people everywhere with affordable, personal, ‘clean’ energy products. The company leverages its high volume retail sales in the United States to lower costs and sell affordably into developing markets. Luci lights work well in a range of situations, from emergencies to blackouts. They are waterproof, shatterproof, solar powered and are ideal to light up typical ‘off grid’ situations. On top of that, they are collapsible and expandable and can last up to 12 hours on bright setting, needing only eight hours of sunlight to recharge.

I am particularly impressed with the company’s altruistic ‘Give Luci’ campaign, which encourages customers to buy lights to be distributed to the people that need them most by MPOWERD’s global NGO partners. By investing in this kind of renewable technology, we can honestly say that we are helping improve lives. So, in short, while there is a worldwide demand for affordable solar lights to replace dirty and dangerous kerosene lamps, Luci lights are an excellent option. If you would like to find out more about these lights, or have a need for them, please contact Durbin.

Durbin PLC is a British company based in South Harrow, London. Established in 1963, the company specialises in supplying quality assured pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and consumable supplies to healthcare professionals and aid agencies in over 180 countries. As well as reacting rapidly to emergency situations, Durbin PLC responds to healthcare supply needs from local project level to national scale programmes.

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