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Refugee crisis

Germany has for many years been a destination of choice for Arabs seeking high quality healthcare. It’s a significant form of revenue for the country. In total, medical tourism to Germany brings in around US$1.35 billion annually. Hospitals in the country are aware of this lucrative source of revenue and many have developed specially designed services to cater for foreigners and Arabs in particular. In our focus on Germany, we look at Arab medical tourism to the country and how some hospitals have adapted to facilitate this form of ‘tourism’.

In our focus on Jordan we look at the refugee crisis which is placing enormous strain on the country’s resources – in particular it’s healthcare system. As Syrian refugees continue to seek refuge in the country, the situation is deteriorating and there is an urgent need for funding to sustain many of the NGOs who are working tirelessly to help relieve their desperate plight. Read the report on page 36.

There have been two promising healthcare developments that have made global news recently. One is the development and positive results from a rapid trial of a vaccine for Ebola, which now looks set to provide immunity against the devastating disease. And the other is the development of a vaccine for malaria, the first to be given a nod of approval by European regulators. Read about these developments on page 22 and 24 respectively.

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Callan Emery

(Sep-Oct 2015)

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