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Ebola Update - New vaccine is effective against Ebola in large trial in Guinea
Massive partnership works in record time to test vaccine and show efficacy and safety.
Malaria - World’s first malaria vaccine receives positive opinion from EU regulators
A vaccine for malaria – Mosquirix – has been given a positive response from European regulators, paving the way for approval by the WHO and African regulators for use in sub-Saharan Africa and other malaria stricken areas.
Yemen Update - ‘Catastrophe’ looms as health facilities close in face of conflict
Nearly a quarter of all health facilities in Yemen are no longer operating fully – with more expected to close down in the coming weeks – resulting in “catastrophic consequences” for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure who are dependent on lifesaving support, the World Health Organization warned in August.
Pharmacology - Re-energizing antibiotics in the war against infections
New understanding of how antibiotics are linked to bacterial tolerance could lead to more effective antibiotics

 Date of upload: 12th Sep 2015
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