May-Jun 2015

A smart chair for seating people with limited mobility

The Smart Seating Revolution Chair is a unique seating aid providing a simple solution to assist healthcare staff or homecare professionals to seat aged care residents at a dining table.

A patented swivel-slide mechanism enables the chair to be positioned away from the table for easy access. The seat rotates to face the table, then carries the user’s weight forward to a lockable position at a comfortable distance from the table edge. The chair legs remain fixed at the original place on the floor and are stable at all times.

When the user wishes to exit the chair, a lever on the side of the seat is lifted and the seat glides back from the table. The seat then rotates away from the table, allowing easy exit from the chair.

• No more pushing residents and patients up to the edge of a table
• Patients and residents can seat themselves without assistance
• Greater independence for users
• Safe: no wheels, supports up to 120kg
• Saves money - no helper’s time needed for seating residents for meals
• Reduces compensation claims from staff suffering from injuries when pushing patients Patent number US 8,899,682 B2

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Biotronik’s BioMonitor2 subcutaneous, insertable cardiac monitor gets CE approval

Biotronik has received CE approval for its BioMonitor2 subcutaneous, insertable cardiac monitor.

BioMonitor 2 is designed for highly accurate and reliable long-term continuous remote monitoring of patients with atrial fibrillation, syncope, bradycardia and tachycardia.

The company released results of a pilot study into the performance of BioMonitor 2 ahead of the 2015 ESC Congress in London.

The pilot study, involving patients in Australia, showed that BioMonitor 2 can provide an insertion time of less than two minutes, high R-Wave amplitudes and a greater than 90 percent success rate for daily ‘Biotronik Home Monitoring’ transmissions. In addition, the device has a capacity of over 60 minutes of ECG recording time and can transmit up to six sECGs (subcutaneous ECG) daily via Home Monitoring.

“The results of the BioMonitor 2 study confirm the deliverability of the device and the excellent sensing amplitudes afforded by the increased sensing vector length,” commented Dr Sze-Yuan Ooi, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, Australia. “I am hopeful that future trials will show that this translates into improved diagnostic abilities that will aid physicians in the treatment of their patients.”

“With BioMonitor 2 to be available on the European market soon, we are pleased to see results indicating that physicians will be able to care for their patients based on information that is both high quality and reliably transmitted,” commented Manuel Ortega, Senior Vice President at Biotronik. “Its accurate sensing and detection, combined with its transmission success and data capacity will provide doctors with more useful information on a patient’s condition over time.”

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Timesco’s Optima Pocket Diagnostic Sets perfect for clinicians

The Timesco Optima Pocket Diagnostic Sets have been designed to offer the clinician and student alike with a perfect diagnostic tool for ophthalmology and aural examination with the convenience of being small enough to be carried in a pocket!

The Timesco Optima Pocket Diagnostic Sets feature the same superb quality optics, precision lenses, fibre optics and Xenon illumination for pure white light and durable materials as Timesco’s Desk and Wall mounted Diagnostic sets, Optima Neo. Individual Ophthalmoscopes and Otoscopes as well as a combination of both in diagnostic sets in hard and soft cases are available.

The Optima Pocket Ophthalmoscopes feature durable construction, superb bright Xenon white light illumination and five apertures: large, small macular (spot), half moon, fixation, red free filter and 18 dioptre lenses.

The Optima Pocket Otoscopes features high intensity Xenon illumination and fibre optics.

Timesco Optima Pocket Diagnostic Sets are constructed from durable plastics, metal alloys and stainless steels. Timesco Healthcare Diagnostic Products are ISO, CE and FDA approved and guaranteed for materials and manufacture.

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