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Timesco Optima Pocket diagnostic sets designed with precision optics

The Timesco Optima Pocket diagnostic sets have been designed to offer the clinician and student alike with a perfect diagnostic tool for ophthalmology and aural examination with the convenience of being small enough to be carried in a pocket!

The Timesco Optima Pocket diagnostic sets feature the same superb quality optics, precision lenses, fi bre optics and Xenon illumination for pure white light and durable materials as our Desk and Wall mounted Diagnostic sets, Optima Neo.

Individual Ophthalmoscopes and Otoscopes as well as a combination of both in diagnostic sets in hard and soft cases are available.

The Optima Pocket Ophthalmoscopes feature durable construction, superb bright Xenon white light Illumination and fi ve apertures: large, small macular (spot), half moon, fixation, red free filter and 18 dioptre lenses.

The Optima Pocket Otoscopes features high intensity Xenon illumination and fibre optics.

Timesco Optima Pocket Diagnostic Sets are constructed from durable plastics, metal alloys and stainless steels.

Timesco Healthcare diagnostic products are ISO, CE and FDA approved and guaranteed for materials and manufacture.

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Rethinking ways to prevent bacteria propagation


Healthcare Acquired Infections are a leading cause of complications or death around the world. Our hands are infection vectors for the microbes. Preventing deadly diseases such as MRSA, SARS, NHN1, Ebola, Clostridium diffi cile and norovirus is a top priority for hospitals which must take new measures to prevent bacteria spreading and keep patients, staff or visitors safe.

Bowman specializes in all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) dispensing needs.

As the leader in dispensing protection, Bowman offers 4 different solutions to meet the isolation requirements. Bowman�fs versatile Protection Systems can satisfy any space, volume or budgetary specifi cations to help improve staff compliance to sanitary requirements.

Bowman Protection System Solutions

  • Dispensers designed to enable the PPE to be always visible and accessible, allowing easy compliance and restocking.
  • Dispensers accommodating most major brands of Gowns, Gloves and Masks enabling to keep the same durable dispensers even when changing suppliers of protective materials. �
  • Dispensers designed for low, medium or high PPE usage volumes.
  • Dispensers adapting to your environment - Units can hang on the wall or door, permanently or temporarily, recess into the wall or be mobile with the unique cart dispensing system.
  • Bowman offers Isolation Reference Cards & Free printable isolation signs to help prevent the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections.

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Vioguard�s Self-Sanitizing Automatic Keyboard System

The spreading of deadly pathogens through cross-contamination is increasing with the greater use of shared computer keyboards in OR and patient rooms. Manually disinfecting the uneven surface of keyboards is not effi cient in urgent situations or busy environments. Keyboards are a main vector of transmission for viruses and bacteria.

Vioguard�fs Self-Sanitizing Keyboard uses the germicidal properties of ultraviolet light (UV-C) to automatically and consistently disinfect keyboards after every use, killing 99.99% of harmful microorganisms within seconds, eliminating the need for disposal of biohazard waste.

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Roche launches innovative Accu-Chek Guide blood glucose monitoring system

Roche has launched their Accu-Chek Guide, the next-generation blood glucose monitoring system. This new system is designed to make everyday blood glucose (BG) monitoring easier with features such as the spillresistant SmartPack test strip vial, which helps users to remove just one strip at a time and avoid spillage or contamination. First markets to launch the new system are Denmark, Switzerland and Australia. More countries will follow in early 2017.

The Accu-Chek Guide system enables onboard pattern detection that helps to increase awareness of too high or too low glucose readings as well as Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to the Accu-Chek Connect diabetes management solution via a mobile app. This cloud-based solution guarantees a secure online data exchange and automatic data logging. People with diabetes, caregivers, and healthcare providers can share diabetes information virtually anywhere for timely advice and remote monitoring.

The Accu-Chek Guide system not only fulfi lls current accuracy standards but delivers even tighter 10/10 accuracy for more reliable results. Consistently accurate measurements are essential for reliable BG monitoring and deriving the correct therapy decisions. Large deviations of the measured BG values from the true glucose levels can result in higher HbA1c levels, glycemic excursions and markedly increased rates of hypoglycemic events, as a recently published retrospective study revealed. In addition, studies have demonstrated that only about half of the BG meters evaluated meet the minimum accuracy requirements as defi ned by the ISO 15197:2013/ EN ISO 15197:2015 standard. �

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Carestream shipping new DRX Core family of detectors


Carestream is shipping its new DRX Core family of DRX detectors designed to make reliable, high-quality DR imaging affordable for imaging centres, small to mid-size hospitals, urgent care facilities, specialty clinics and providers that perform mobile imaging exams.

The DRX Core portfolio includes wireless gadolinium (GOS) and cesium (CsI) scintillators in 35 x 43 cm and 43 x 43 cm sizes . as well as fi xed 43 x 43 cm detectors with both scintillators. The detectors are available in the United States, Canada and many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

DRX Core detectors can be used with Carestream�fs DRX-Ascend System, DRX-Mobile Retrofi t Kits and DRX-Motion Mobile X-ray System. Up to two DRX Core detectors can be registered with each system at any time. Facilities can combine DRX Plus, DRX-1 and DRX Core detectors to have a combination of eight detectors registered with DIRECTVIEW Software on each imaging system for simultaneous use.

DRX Core detectors deliver a preview image in three seconds and full-resolution display in 12 seconds. These detectors use the same battery as DRX Plus and DRX-1 detectors to maximize return on investment and streamline imaging operations.

DRX Core detectors can be used with Carestream�fs DIRECTVIEW software or Image Suite software. Image Suite software offers beam detection advantages that eliminate the need for a cable connection to the generator. Image capture will automatically start when the detector senses the X-ray exposure. DIRECTVIEW users can employ direct connection or beam detection methods. Carestream supports more than 180 different generator connection types.

DRX Core detectors offer a Level 4 liquid rating that provides protection against water spray from any direction. Tri- and bi-colour LED lights offer improved feedback of detector status.

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